General internal medicine

Treatment of diabetes, osteoporosis and other conditions

A general practitioner who listens to you

Like any general practitioner, Dr Stewart Griscom welcomes you to his surgery in Geneva to diagnose and treat acute conditions, such as angina, ear infections, gastroenteritis, high blood pressure, as well as chronic illnesses such as heart, lung and kidney disease, in collaboration with a specialist if necessary. He also deals with psychological and psychic problems like stress, sleep disorders and anxio-depressive disorders.

By completing ongoing training regarding osteoporosis and attending all post-graduate trainings about diabetes, Dr Griscom is able to offer complete management of patients with diabetes or osteoporosis. He will not hesitate to refer you to specialists, if needed.
What makes Dr Griscom stand out is his empathy towards his patients. As a general rule, an appointment lasts about 30 minutes (15 minutes for minor emergencies and one hour for a complete check-up) because he knows that listening and giving attention to patients are as important as dispensing treatment. That is why he likes to take the time necessary for each patient.

Basic tests can be performed and results obtained within an hour, thanks to an on-site laboratory.

To make an appointment, please contact Dr Stewart Griscom’s surgery.