Geriatric medicine

Joint, memory or musculoskeletal disorders

Dr Stewart Griscom takes care of you

As an extension of general medicine, geriatric medicine is directed toward fragile patients for whom treatments need to be adjusted. Familiar with analgesics (painkillers), Dr Griscom knows how to combine those medications for greater efficacy.

You can see Dr Griscom if you have osteoarthritis, joint and rheumatological disorders, musculoskeletal disorders or memory disorders, such as dementia. Early screening is generally possible during a complete check-up or during follow-up if a problem is suspected. Management and treatment will be proposed following diagnosis. If necessary, Dr Griscom will not hesitate to refer you to his colleagues.

Blood tests can also be performed on site and results are available within the hour.

Make an appointment with Dr Griscom by contacting the surgery.